Welcome to the Greek Breakfast


Imagine waking up under the Greek sun, while on an island escape, nature adventure or City Break, to a delicious breakfast buffet of local specialties at a hospitable table.

The “Greek Breakfast” welcomes guests at hotels in every corner of Greece to savor the flavors and aroma of purely Greek products and regional breakfast delicacies.

You’ll enjoy a taste of local culinary tradition that, not only travels your senses, but inspires discovery of regional cultural heritage, local products and fruits of the earth.

What better way to start your day…

The Greek Pita Pie

Simply irresistible!

Everybody has a favorite Greek pita pie, or two or three, because the choice of fillings, both savory and sweet, is almost endless creating a tasty treat wrapped in layers of buttered, filo dough. The traditional pita pie has a special place on the daily…

Greece     19 Oct 2017

Grande Bretagne Hotel

Central Greece    

Tangerine marmalade

Thessaly     20 Oct 2017

Electra Palace Thessaloniki


Zucchini pie

Aegean Islands     20 Oct 2017
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