Haven of rich heritage

Located in the far western corner of Greece, Epirus is a mountainous region with scenic landscapes, fresh water springs, rivers and wild animal life. The Pindos Mountain Range separates Epirus from Macedonia and Thessaly in the East while its Western shores are washed by the Ionian Sea.

Epirus is a paradise of virgin forests, alpine Dragon Lakes and the Vikos Gorge, the world’s deepest in proportion to its width.  Rivers, tributaries and streams rush through a countryside dotted with arched, stone bridges built by the master masons of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The chief port of Igoumenitsa on the Western coast is a hub of activity for vessels to and from the Ionian Islands and beyond.

The regional capital, Ionannia, is situated on Lake Pamvotis. A beautiful city with a rich history, Ionannia has many landmarks reflecting the cultures which have contributed to its unique character — and culinary tradition.

Ioannina is noted throughout Greece for its famous handmade pita pies created with an imaginative array of fillings and made with the local touch of fresh butter rather than olive oil.

The region is known for sheep and goat breeding and provides 45 % of the meat supply for the Greek market. Epirus produces excellent dairy products, including milk, cheeses of all types and the delightful taste of yogurt made from both sheep and cow’s milk.

What you can expect.

 The clean mountain air and Ionian sea breezes open your appetite to the pleasures of The Greek Breakfast of Epirus. Local specialties include blatsaria, cornbread and greens pita pie, flour pie of Zagoria, the traditional pepeki of Epirus, a pita pie without a crust and cheese, egg and yogurt filling. There’s also a hearty breakfast pie for meat lovers, kothropita, lamb, rice and crust on the bottom. A variety of fresh breads, yogurt and exceptional cheeses, such as the goat cheese of Metsovo and anthotyro, a whey cheese, which is a delicious breakfast dish topped with honey or fruit are just a slice of the region’s gastronomic heritage.