Aegean Islands

Endless blue

Clear light, blue & white describe the Aegean islands. Whether you’re exploring the Cycladic islands or the Old Town of Rhodes, or discovering the inviting waters of Samos and Lemnos, the Aegean atmosphere does its magic; forever charmed.

The blue waters of the Aegean Sea dominate the scene.  The imposing mountains, once home to thousands of sheep and goats, are an impressive backdrop to the charming towns and villages.  For centuries, these same mountainsides have provided the aromatic herbs that create the wondrous taste of the Aegean cuisine. On Rhodes, delicacies seasoned with cumin offer a delightful gastronomic surprise (the ancient Greeks kept cumin on the table, like a pepper shaker!), as well as the unforgettable thyme honey.

A barren countryside and a similarly basic agricultural tradition have created an amazingly abundant array of deliciously-unique, local dishes and products.

The traditional rusk is forever enjoyed on the Aegean islands. Dairy and all types of local cheeses offer a unique taste experience. Chickpeas are turned into delicacies, such as the crunchy chickpea croquettes of Rhodes and the newest international trend is chickpea breakfast salad. A flavorful assortment of pita pies , luscious fruits from the fertile, Levadi valley of Naxos, bakery and confectionary delights, including pasteli, a healthy, sesame bar with honey and tahini, are just some of the many culinary treasures of the Aegean Islands.

What you can expect.

The Greek Breakfast of the Aegean Islands travels your senses around the Aegean. Geslemedes of Mytilene, particularly the mushroom pie, as well as the watermelon pie of Folegandros, onion pie of Mykonos and cabbage pie of Karpathos are sensations. For a sweeter taste, the traditional honey pie of Sifnos and loukoumi of Syros are superb. A variety of local cheeses from island to island offer a taste of Aegean gastronomy, such as Graviera Naxos (PDO), Kalathaki Lemnos (PDO), the famous Kopanisti of the Cyclades (PDO) and the Graviera of Tinos. All enjoyed surrounded by endless blue.