Daremas Bakery

Being one of the most historic family bakery businesses in the Region of Attica with a history dating back to 1888, Darema Bakery has countless distinctions, including a mention in the prestigious Michelin guide. However, the most significant distinction remains the unwavering trust of its customers. The main ingredients of their success are the  pure raw materials and a traditional recipe that has been passed down through generations for their iconic “mustokouloura,” which are still crafted in the first-floor bakery with passion for taste and quality by the women of the business. Additionally, they are produced in modern facilities a few hundred meters away from the bakery to meet the high demand. The primary focus continues to be on quality production, with the product range centered around delicacies that have left their mark on the residents of Attica for the past 135 years. Any visit Markopoulo city is now inextricably linked with a stop at 2 Souniou Avenue for mustokouloura, wine rings, vanilla rings, orange rings, cheese cookies, as well as freshly baked rustic bread made with sourdough, multigrain, and “mesogeitiko”, all crafted from 100% whole wheat flour.

Gift baskets are available with fine products that are the perfect treat for your loved ones and business partners.

Address: Souniou 2 Avenue, Markopoulo – Attika

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