Kontogianni Eggs

For 75 years, the Kontogianni family has been active in the field of poultry farming and the production and marketing of eggs and egg products.

In 1948 a family business was founded in Lycovrisi with the aim of breeding poultry and the production of eggs and egg products.
Then the company was relocated to its new privately owned and modern facilities in Vlora, Attica.
The experience and passion of all these years gave the third generation of the family the reason to continue even today in new facilities the tradition of Kontogianni eggs, with the same excellent quality, feeding Greek households with fresh eggs, satisfying the needs of the most demanding consumer.

At the same time, the expansion of the range was achieved with pasteurized eggs, organic farming eggs, barn eggs, free range eggs, quail eggs, powdered eggs and Easter eggs. Following the most modern methods, the eggs have a unique course in their field, harmoniously combining tradition with know-how and modernization. Something which is confirmed by the 3 awards it has in its possession, as the best business in its field.

The aim of the company is to produce daily fresh eggs rich in nutrients for the whole family, meeting all the necessary standards established by the European Union and related to quality and food safety, while remaining faithful to Greek traditions and nutritional values.

Phone number: 210 2815302