Gia…giamas Beverages

Grandma Marika!

A person of immense value and contribution to her family.

She is the person who is the link between the past and the present, faithful to tradition but with a touch of differentiation,when all the grandmothers were making cherry schnapps, she was making lemonade!
Grandmother Marika from Samos, born in 1927, always kept and maintained the traditions pure but always added her own ingredient, her own secretGrandma Marika was not just anyone.

Her admirers were always the children of the neighborhood who would gather, like a tender embrace, in her yard and call out to her, “Grandma, will you pour me a sip of the most tastefull lemonade?”

Greek juices made from real fruit, without gluten, artificial preservatives, sweeteners and colourings. The Greek fruit juices Gia. . giamas come in Lemonade, Peachade, Mandarinade, Green Apple Pomegranate, Lemon Strawberry and 9 Greek fruit pandaisia. Gia. . giamas juices are ideal for all lovers of good life and a healthy lifestyle, with a touch of family and tradition.

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