Ertha Herbs

The overall philosophy of ertha has a holistic approach, from the moment the seed reaches the earth to the moment the cup is in our hands. The benefits of organic farming for both our body and the planet, the proper use of resources and even recyclable packaging are part of their contribution to a better planet.

The health of our body and its excellent physical condition is just one aspect of our overall well-being. We live in a time when tension and stress tend to dominate our daily lives. Each ertha product contains stress-reducing adaptogens, contributing in a natural, effective way to a better balanced mental state.

Each ingredient of an ertha drink is not simply selected on the basis of its individual properties. Their aim is to create harmonious and exciting combinations that will provide us with a full range of beneficial properties. Thus, each blend is the starting point for a wonderful journey for the body and the senses!

You are what you eat. ” This could be Natures best advice as a nurturing and caring mother. Its wise advice and they take it very seriously. Thats why they use only organic, fresh and pure ingredients. When it comes to raw materials, the abundance of choices offered by Greek nature is unique. As for their beneficial properties, they have been known to the Greeks since antiquity. Thanks to their organic farming practices and natural processes, they retain all their valuable properties and their high nutritional and health value.

As the name suggests, ertha uses only environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, such as uncoated eco-paper and biodegradable tea bags. However, this is only one aspect of the nature-centric philosophy, which has (literally) deep roots, going back to the use of ingredients exclusively from certified organic Greek crops. Its a promise they made from day one not only to themselves, but also to nature.