We are a food laboratory based in Loutraki, Corinthia!

Our main activity is the production of confectionery and breakfast products with an emphasis on healthy nutrition. For 20 years we have been innovating with high nutritional value products, organic, sugar-free, gluten-free, using pure raw materials and following strict hygiene rules.

Cretan Honey Romanakis

We are the fourth generation of beekeepers and we deal exclusively with the production and packaging of Cretan honey, faithfully continuing our family tradition. We produce honey, of unique quality and taste from bees raised in the mountains of Crete!

At the same time, we succeed and get certification from the control and certification organization of organic products DIO, faithfully following its instructions and the modern European standards. In 2019 we continue to improve the quality of our honey by winning 3 awards in the OLYMP AWARDS 2019 competition.


DODONI was founded in the city of Ioannina more than half a century ago. Back then it was a small pasteurization unit, which initially served exclusively the needs of the residents of Ioannina, collecting cow milk from small regional farms.

Today, half a century later, DODONI has become one of the leading dairies in Greece, and the market leader in P.D.O Feta cheese.

Company’s continuous development, was based on the long term strong relationships with the farmers of Epirus, the standardization of the highest models of quality in cheese-dairies, as well as the respect towards natural environment, always focusing on the needs and priorities of the consumer, always driven by the maximum of respect. DODONI has modern factory units in Ioannina, Cyprus and Thebes.

With over 100% of Greek milk and the purest raw ingredients, DODONI has been creating original dairy products for 57 years, such as the famous feta with the stamp of the company’s trademark, yogurt, yellow cheese and many others that stand out for their rich flavor. All the products of DODONI, certify the credibility and authenticity of its wonderful taste, the Taste of Good.



Since 2010, Kostas and Dimitra Vlachogiorgo’s family grows about 1000 pomegranates of the variety of ‘wonderful’ and ‘ako’ at the county of Aitoloakarnania, Greece. The juice “ροδῆ” (rode) , produced out of these pomegranates is 100% natural without additives or persevatives. In addition, it is ricn in adioxidants, vitamins and many other beneficial ingredients. The processing of pomenagrate fruit into juice takes place in a recognized factoryfactory,  under all health regulations and all certifications.



At ENA ENA from 2014 , we are farmers and producers of our own Extra Virgin Olive Oil wild Aromatic Herbs and Pure Honey. We are personally engaged in every production stage, from cultivation to packaging, as active workers and watchful overseers to ensure the superior quality of our products and the preservation of the pristine land we own and cultivate. Our goal is to provide to each one of our customers pure products that represent the Greek dietary tradition and honour the Mediterranean Diet.

The complete range of award-winning Greek products ena-ena, offers a unique variety of high nutritional value and excellent quality, but above all offers products created with love and passion for Greek nature.


PADERIS BROS COMPANY, is a family owned business established in 1970. We offer high quality products at the most competitive price involved both in wholesale and retail business, selling to restaurants, deli stores, hotels etc
Our range includes all sorts of fine meat, like beef maturation products, special smoked products, like pork loin, ham and pancetta and the widest range of AUTHENTIC GREEK RECIPE SAUSAGES like Mykonos’ with oregano, Tzoumajias’ with cumin, Santorini’s with sun-dried tomato, Peloponnesian land with orange and many others!

We are ISO 22000:2005. Our products are gluten free

“Rodi Paragogos” – PomeGRanaston – Rodiones Anastopoulos

The Family Farm “Rodies Anastopoulos”: created by PomeGRanaston in Arcadia Greece [2013].
Headquarters: Vyzikio, Gortynia, Arcadia, Greece.
We offer Authentic Greek Goods for demanding consumers.

  • Excellent Pomegranate fresh fruit: wonderful variety.
  • High Quality Pomegranate Products.
  • Respect for the environment and man.
  • Strict procedures and specifications.
  • No sugar
  • No additives
  • No preservatives.

Exclusive product: the fresh-frozen 100% Natural Pomegranate Juice “Rodi Paragogos”.
Estates: certified for
AGRO 2.1
AGRO 2.2
Factory: ISO 22000: 2005 & HACCP certification,
FDA / USA registration.


Maleas Foods – Greek Mountain Tea

“Maleas Foods since 1923” mission is to produce, package, standardize and promote natural products with emphasis on the therapeutic power of plants, Greek cuisine and gastronomy, and a love of nature. Greek Mountain Tea, in the series Herbs In The Sun® stands out as a product. Traditionally, it is prepared by boiling the stems and leaves and filtering to get a hot beverage. Our method of creating a powder from the herbs, makes this product easier to consume and convenient to use! It is just infused in hot water and ready to use.

Afoi Kassaki

Our passion & specialty is the handmade production of traditional smoked meat products since 1999. Our recipes are based on the au thentic recipes of our predecessors with innovations and additions that give our products unique quality & taste. Our small family business is growing rapidly because the products are of excellent quality with no chemicals added.


DIOTERRA is a family owned company in southern Greece – Peloponnese, producing top quality healthy products. The company was created through its people΄s passion for the healthy Mediterranean diet with the aim to offer the excellent Raw Honey produced by their honeybees and to promote the best quality products that the Greek land has to offer. Dioterra’s commitment is to provide 100% natural products of high nutritional value without the use either of additives or conservatives. From production, processing and storage to product distribution, the company applies the strictest guidelines in order to guarantee excellent quality. DIOTERRA has been certified to ISO 22000:2005 for hygiene and food safety, by FDA and Agrocert for the trading of PDO products. Today DIOTERRA promotes worldwide a range of authentic Greek products that stand out for their quality characteristics as well as for their uniqueness. Its products have been awarded in international taste competitions for their unique flavour and their exceptional quality.