Fenix Hotel

Since 1975 the Fenix Hotel has been providing high quality services to Athens visitors.

Its prime location, very close to the center of Glyfada and within easy reach of downtown Athens, combined with its amenities such as swimming pool, fitness center, meeting rooms, business center etc., make it an ideal choice for both recreation and business travelers.

Oasis Hotel Apartments

Oasis Hotel Apartments has 70 recently renovated apartments, 1st-2nd floor Executive Apartments and 3rd-4th floor Deluxe Apartments. All apartments are of about 40-42 m2 with 1 Bedroom, 1 Living Room, 1 Bathroom and can accommodate up to 4 people.

The Hotel is accessible to persons with mobility limitation and has 3 specially designed apartments. Also a Restaurant, a Outdoor Swimming Pool, a Kids Pool (01/05 -01/10) and a Pool Bar are available. Oasis has been assigned the “Greek breakfast” certification and offers easy access to public transportation, shopping center and nearby beaches.

Pistachio from Megara PDO

Pistachio from Megara is a high quality product from the homonym town of West Attica, one of the traditional pistachio growing areas.
It has a nutshell, is traditionally collected to ensure its quality and it has been recognized since 1994 as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Avgotaracho from Messolonghi

“Avgotaracho” in Greek, Bottarga in Italian, Poutargue in French, Botarga in Spanish, Batarekh in Arabic, Karasumi in Japanese is a delicacy from naturally dried and formatted tuna or mallet roe. In Greece, bottarga is made with grey mullet roe which is fished in Greek lakes. The whole ovaries are removed, washed, salted with natural salt, dried under the sun and packaged in melted wax.

Preserving fish that comes from the rich in natural salt Mediterranean waters is a process still in practice, particularly in some Mediterranean countries. Although the process of preserving bottarga from tuna or mullet is thought to be a Byzantine achievement, in reality it goes back to Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, even to the coast of Asia.

“Bottarga has been a delicacy from the time of Pharaohs”

Taxiarchis Dried Figs

The Taxiarchis Dried Figs, are part of the ”smyrneiki” variety and are exclusively produced within a specific geographic region in Northern Euboea, covering the villages of Taxiarchis, Neos Pyrgos, Agios Georgios, Oreoi, Istiea, Kamari and Kastaniotissa. In this area, works of collection, processing and packaging take place. The figs are cultivated under the local traditional methods and strict instructions and regulations. Taxiarchis Dried Figs are available in two varieties: the first one, which has been artificially bleached and a second one with a natural dark colour.

Sperchios Kiwi PDO

Sperchios kiwis are distinguished from other similar varieties thanks to their taste, durability and their distinctive green color. All these characteristics led to the certification of Sperchios kiwis in 1993 as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product.

Syka Vravronas Markopoulou Messongion

Syka Vravronas Markopoulou Messongion (Figs of Vravrona, Markopoulou in Mesogaia) are produced in Markopoulo, within Regional Unit of Attica and are certificated by the European Commission as agricultural products of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

The main varieties of Vravrona figs are the black and the royal figs. The black figs are crunchy with a slightly sweet taste while the royal figs have a green peel and are known for their unique dark red flesh and their sweet taste.


Tsalafouti is a low-fat cheese made from goat or sheep’s milk. It has a soft texture and it is produced mainly in western Central Greece as well as in the neighboring regions of Epirus.

It is usually prepared at the end of the lactation period, when the milk has a thick texture. It is first boiled while at the same time is salted. Later on, it is covered and cooled with water for about 20 days, until it becomes thicker in order to be edible.

It is known for its full flavor and is consumed on its own either as an appetizer or a side dish. It can be also used as an ingredient in traditional recipes. It shares several common characteristics with other cheeses like Katiki of Domokos, Pichtogalo Chanion and Xygalo of Sitia.

Acropolis View

In 1981 we took the leap. Acropolis View, in the heart of Athens, near the most important archaeological, right in the middle of fun, flavor and tradition, offered quality services to the countless visitors from every corner of the world.
Today, ‘newer’ than ever, fully renovated, continues to offer hospitality and services that aim to satisfy the guest. In Acropolis View you feel you have found the ideal spot to spring from and get to know Athens. A hospitable embrace, the creation of professionals who design and offer their services with know-how and enthusiasm.

Marathon Beach Resort

Marathon Beach Resort, a legendary destination hotel of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s in Nea Makri, has recently been reborn. Situated in one of the most beautiful locations in the historical area of Marathon, just steps away from Nea Makri beach and marina, Marathon Beach Resort is an ideal choice.

The three wings of buildings surround the gardens with palm trees and bougainvilleas and offer direct access to the swimming pool area, restaurants, bars and shops.

Nafs Hotel

Nafs hotel is an oasis of comfort in one of the most beautiful beaches of Nafpaktos. The panorama of the Corinthian, the Venetian port and the admirable suspension bridge of Rion – Antirion embraces the luxurious shelter that is inspired from the elements of nature: ground, air, fire and water.

Just 150m from the cosmopolitan Venetian port, on the beach of Psani, very close to the commercial centre, Nafs hotel offers a remarkable window to the beauty of Nafpaktos, an ideal hub for tours and excursions.

King Lodge

King Lodge is located in the heart of Psychiko district, close to the majority of the Embassies and within walking distance from some of the biggest hospitals and medical centres in Athens.
Due to its location in an exclusive and safe district, King Lodge offers to the esteemed guests the opportunities to explore not only the city’s archaeological main attractions but also the shopping and business areas as well.

Guests have at their disposal rooms (all of them with private bathroom and balcony) with the luxury wooden furniture and a variety of high standard facilities and amenities. An ideal destination for medical tourism, business and city travellers.

Electra Metropolis Athens

Electra Metropolis is a brand new 5 star hotel in the heart of the city. It is situated at the beginning of Mitropoleos Street next to Syntagma Square, and has been welcoming visitors since September 2016. This luxury lifestyle hotel is situated near many Athens tourist attractions and it is founded on the values ​​of “Electra Hotels & Resorts”.

Electra Metropolis has 216 luxurious and fully equipped suites and rooms with views of the Acropolis and the old neighbourhood of Plaka, restaurants, cafes, the spa, conference rooms, meeting rooms and lecture rooms which make the hotel one of the best venues for hosting corporate events in Athens, and also a unique Roof Garden with a spectacular view of the Parthenon and the entire city.

Acropolis Hill

Nestled in the serene green area of Filopappou Hill, Acropolis Hill is a central and easily accessible hotel, within walking distance of Athens’ top attractions such as the Acropolis, Plaka, and the museums. The recently opened hotel features modern facilities in a smooth Boutique atmosphere beautifully designed by 3SK-Stylianidis architects. With more than 40 years of Greek hospitality experience, our team offers you high quality services and accommodation.

Acropolis House

The Hotel Acropolis House is a preserved mansion of the 19th century. The hotel was established in 1965 by the family Choudalaki, which operates and directs it since then with permission number 0206Κ012Α0031700.

In general the hotel has a family character, providing safety and complete services to the families and the individuals that visit us, with respect to the character of the hotel.