Aegean Pearl

The 5 star uniquely designed Aegean Pearl is a hotel set on the coastal road of Rethymno with a view of the Aegean and just 2.2km away from the city center. The hotel has rooms that offer top quality hospitality and comfort. Simple meals or unique dinners as well as imaginative drinks will make the guests’ visit memorable. As for entertainment, there are Cretan and Greek folk dances, dance evenings with a live orchestra or a DJ, magic shows, and contests.

Aegean Pearl

The hotel has introduced a series of products that are part of the Traditional Cretan Breakfast.
Guests will find barley buns, barley bites, oil buns and sweet rusks, paired with beverages like “malotyra”, “diktamo”, fresh orange juice and fresh fruits. There are cucumber and tomato salads with onion, various olives and olive oil varieties. Guests may try handmade jams and dried fruits. Specials include the “ryzogalo” or “galoryzo” (rice pudding), the vanilla cream, the “manouri” cheese and “tiganites” (pancakes with honey).


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

"Feta" Cheese
Cretan graviera (PDO)
Sheep’s Yoghurt
Thyme Honey
Orange Marmalade
Fig spoon sweet
Myzithra pies
Cinnamon cookies
Barley rusks ("Krithina" rusks)
Starenio (White bread)
Kalamon olives
Dittany (Diktamo, Erondas)
Greek Coffee

Aegean Pearl

Phone:28310 51513


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