Santa Marina Plaza

The Santa Marina Plaza Hotel is an adults only hotel situated on the sandy beach of Aghia Marina, just 8km from the city of Chania. The seaside three storey building has 49 luxury rooms and 2 Junior suites. Other facilities include a main restaurant, an a la carte restaurant, a main bar, pool bar, gym, Jacuzzi and conference hall. All facilities are around the pool, which is just a few steps away from the beach.

Santa Marina Plaza

Breakfast at the hotel is mostly based on local Greek and Cretan products. It starts with fresh traditional barley bread, baked in a traditional oven, Cretan rusk, bread sticks with sesame, biscuits, and buns with grape must and cinnamon (“moustokouloura”.) There is fresh juice from local oranges, apricot and quince marmalades (local products) and Cretan thyme honey. Guests may try the traditional “sfouggato” omelet (with zucchini, cheese, tomato, olive oil), or omelet with “apaki” (smoked pork). Alternatively they may try boiled or fried local organic eggs, paired with “dakos” rusk, (with olives and olive oil, Cretan gruyere and feta or “anthotyros” cheese), or yoghurt. The cheese pies with local cheese fillings and “myzithra”, the “kalitsounia” (with greens or “myzithra”), the “lychnarakia” (with sweet cheese and cinnamon), are all based on authentic recipes. Other sweet treats include the traditional “ksirotigana” (fritters with honey), the “bougatsa” pie (with savory cheese or with sweet cream and cinnamon), the “moustalevria” pudding made with grape must, or the “ryzogalo” with fresh milk. The perfect ending to a rich breakfast is the combination of traditionally brewed Greek coffee and fresh, hot “loukoumades”, (dumplings with honey and sesame.)


Santa Marina Plaza

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