Saint Andrea

The Saint Andrea Resort is situated on the road to Kolymbithres, one of the most beautiful beaches of Paros, next to the sea, with views of the bay of Naousa. The hotel is built according to the architecture of the Cyclades and exudes the luxury of a bygone era. It consists of 56 rooms and suites, it is superbly structured and provides top quality services. The idyllic location, luxurious surroundings, the Greek hospitality and the Aegean blue can guarantee guests an unforgettable summer.

Saint Andrea

The Greek breakfast starts with fresh fruits, fruit juice, milk and Greek yoghurt paired with beverages like mountain tea, sage, or Greek coffee. Also offered are many bread varieties, rusks, “moustokouloura” (buns with grape must), cakes and muffins with olive oil. Guests may try olives and olive paste, pure honey, spoon sweets, dried fruits and nuts as well as various jams.
A great variety of cold cuts and cheeses is offered, such as smoked “metsovone”, “kasseri”, “ladotyri”, gruyere of Paros, “anthotyro”, feta and local “ksinomyzithra”. Hot dishes prepared daily are tomatoes baked in olive oil, fried eggs with oil and vinegar, “kagianas” (eggs beaten with tomato and feta) and omelet (with village style sausages, peppers, tomato, onions and mushrooms). Guests should also taste the “trahanas” soup (pasta with milk), the “tiganites” (pancakes with honey, cheese) and the freshly prepared pies with cheese or wild greens. Sweets include apple pie, orange pie, milk pie, cream-filled “bougatsa” pie, and praline cr?me with tahini and honey.


Saint Andrea



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