Rodia Boutique Hotel

The “castle house” that houses the 4 star Rodia Boutique Hotel was built in the 1830. In order to function as a hotel, it was restored with absolute consistency to its original architecture and its structural peculiarities, and its interior was renovated and engraved with discreet luxury.

The hotel is built up to the hill, in the middle of the village, overlooking the mountains and combines the charm of the old with superb minimalist modern elements thanks to its original architecture and then our passion for interior design.

Rodia Boutique Hotel

Every morning you can enjoy a rich buffet , in which most of the delicacies are homemade with plenty of love and pure ingredients. Among others, a prominent place is occupied by the handmade Zagori pies, the fresh eggs of the day, the variety of local cheeses like ”feta” and cold cuts, local yogurt, sourdough bread, fresh seasonal fruits, local  spoon sweets, homemade cakes, honey, handmade jams and local herbs we offer as a decoction.

Beverages include fresh orange juice, cookies, fresh handmade apple pie, and Greek coffee, roasted in the kettle. Finally the Greek Breakfast of the hotel

It also includes olives, virgin olive oil, a wide variety of nuts, tahini, halva and fresh butter.

The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

“Feta” Cheese


Air dried salami of Lefkada

Strained Yoghurt

Flower Honey

Peach Marmalade


Flour pie


Homemade Cake

Apple pie

Whole wheat rusks

Brown bread

Extra virgin olive oil

Fresh fruits

Mountain Tea

Greek Coffee



Throubes olives

Rodia Boutique Hotel

Address:Kipi Zagoriou, 44018, Ioannina
Phone:+30 26530 71695

Rodia Boutique Hotel

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