The Pomegranate

The To Rodi Boutique Hotel is located in Rovies, one of the most enchanting seaside settlements of Northern Evia. The combination of stone and wood create a unique aesthetic result. The hotel is ideally located near the Byzantine tower, just 20m from the sea, In the comfortable and tastefully decorated common areas of the hotel, enjoying a coffee or drink by the fireplace is the best choice in the winter while in the summer, the large verandas with views to the sea are highly recommended.

The Pomegranate

The Greek breakfast features dishes made with traditional local ingredients. For starters there is fresh juice and herbal teas like verbena, sage, mint and “thrubi” from the mountains of Northern Evia. Greek coffee is traditionally brewed. There is also a variety of cakes, local bread and fresh butter and homemade jams. The local pies include “kourkouto” (with flour, fresh milk, eggs, oil and cheese or mint and fresh zucchinis), handmade “bourekia” (with homemade phyllo filled with spinach and wild greens, fresh cheese and eggs). The village eggs are paired with a selection of olives. Desserts feature “loukoumades” (honey dumplings) and “tiganites” (pancakes) with honey. Depending on the season, the buffet varies. During Lent, there is tahini halva, “lagana” bread, special cakes and “melomakarona” (traditional Christmas sweets). In the summer, guests will find pies with ingredients from the vegetable gardens, fresh tomatoes and zucchinis as well as seasonal fruits.


The Pomegranate

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