Rocabella Mykonos Art Hotel

The Rocabella Mykonos Art Hotel is located at the beach of Aghios Stefanos. The hotel provides the most serene holidays in Greece as guests can relax by the pool of the resort and enjoy the unique customized guest-oriented services. An authentic seaside Mykonian hotel, the Rocabella Mykonos, with its irresistible tranquility, is the perfect place to come back to after the pleasures of the nearby town of Mykonos. The quality of services and guest satisfaction are the main features of the Rocabella Mykonos Art Hotel’s philosophy.

Rocabella Mykonos Art Hotel

The Greek breakfast at the Rocabella Mykonos is based on products supplied by small, independent producers, from all over Greece. Its main feature is cold cuts (“apaki”, “syglino”, “louza”, prosciutto of Evritania, Cretan sausage, pork steak and turkey). Cheeses include soft “myzithra” from Ios, Gruyere from Naxos, “Kefalotyri Arseniko” from Naxos and “Metsovone”. Fresh cow’s butter from Naxos is delivered weekly. There are homemade jams, honey and various spoon sweets. Salted delicacies such as anchovy marinated in oil and smoked mackerel fillet are paired with products like Santorini caper leaves, “kritamo”, Florina peppers and sun dried tomatoes. Eggs are cooked in various ways, including “strapatsada” (scrambled egg with tomato). When it comes to sweets guests should try tahini halva, “loukoumi” (Turkish delight) of Syros, and cakes. Dried fruits and nuts such as walnut, almond, fig, raisin, hazelnut and hippophaes are also available. Guests should try the “ryzogalo” (rice pudding), yoghurt, smoothies. There is also “tsoureki” (sweet bread), Thessaloniki sesame “koulouri” (bun), traditional cheese pie, spinach pie and cream-filled “bougatsa” pie.


Rocabella Mykonos Art Hotel

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