Pirrion Boutique Hotel – Sweet Hospitality

The “Pirrion sweet hospitality” is a hotel of high standards on the slopes of Zagori. The two buildings comprising the hotel are made of stone and wood, affording breathtaking views to Ano Pedina. creating a true haven of hospitality and tradition in Zagori.

Pirrion Boutique Hotel – Sweet Hospitality

The Greek breakfast buffet at “Pirrion sweet hospitality” includes a wide selection of traditional dishes, starting with bakery products: fresh bread, hot bread with olives and bread with cheese, caramelized “avgofetes” (French toasts), cake and “tsoureki” (sweet bread). Guests should definitely try the delicious pies of Zagori such as cheese pie, “alevropita” (flour pie) and milk pie. Guests will also find boiled eggs and omelet, cold cuts and hot soup made with local “trahanas” (traditional pasta). Other desserts worth noting are the cream-filled syrupy “galaktoboureko”, the “loukoumades” (honey dumplings), “ryzogalo” (rice pudding) and homemade jams (made with local fruit of the forest, orange, strawberry, plum, all made at the hotel). The breakfast buffet ends with fresh fruit, fruit juice, local cheeses and yoghurt, local honey, oil and olives, as well as fragrant Greek coffee.


Pirrion Boutique Hotel – Sweet Hospitality

Phone:+30 2653071141 & +30 6972258545

PIRRION Boutique Hotel – sweet hospitality

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