Pyrgos Petropoulaki-gi Theon

The Petropoulaki Tower is situated in Rachi of Gytheio, in Laconia. It was built 220 years ago on top of a hill that combined a strategic point of control with the best view: to the west is the Taygetos mountain, to the north is Parnonas mountain, to the east and south the Gulf of Laconia and Mani. It offers various types of rooms and features a swimming pool, a restaurant and a farm which provides most of the goods used for breakfast and other meals.

Pyrgos Petropoulaki-gi Theon

The family farm provides most of the ingredients for the daily breakfast. Fruits and vegetables, oil and olives, as well as meat, are all organic. Guests may try the homemade sweets and pies, jams, spoon sweets and accompany these with herbal teas such as “melissochorto”, “chortari tis Panagitsas”, mint, thyme, oregano and “valsamo”. Yoghurt is served with freshly cut fruits. Recommended are the scrambled “kagianas” eggs with tomato, the smoked sausages, the “syglino”, which is pork preserved in salt and smoked with aromatic herbs of Mani, the sweet treat “lalaggides” and the village eggs. There is also thyme honey, pies with wild greens and bread baked in a traditional oven. A refreshing, freshly squeezed orange juice is offered to guests. Greek coffee is served for the perfect ending.


Pyrgos Petropoulaki-gi Theon



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