Petra Apts

Very few places on earth manage to combine the unique features that attract visitors to the island of Patmos. In this unique place, the Petra Hotel & Suites offers the experience of a lifetime by charming visitors who look for authentic hospitality, personal care and high standard of services. With just 11 rooms and suites, the Petra Hotel & Suites forms a small village that is built according to the traditional architecture of the island.

Petra Apts

The famous Greek breakfast at the Petra Hotel & Suites is indeed a unique experience. Home-made delicacies invite guests on a journey of flavors and gourmet pleasures: Pies with homemade dough and platters with local cheeses to, handmade jams, fresh fruit salads and traditional sweets will satisfy all guests. At the Petra Hotel & Suites local products hold a place of honor and are constantly used in order to enhance the breakfast experience. With local Greek delicacies daily prepared on the spot, all dishes aim at promoting local culture through the culinary arts and empower the raw materials to take guests on a trip to the history and cultural heritage of this unique land.


Petra Apts

Address:GRIKOS, PATMOS, 85500
Phone:22470 34020


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