Ostria Beach

The Ostria Beach Hotel is located in Ierapetra, the southernmost city of Europe with views of the Libyan Sea. The blue waters, the clean sandy beaches, the famous Cretan hospitality combined with the cuisine and traditions of Crete leave the best impressions on guests. This family hotel offers all the necessary services and facilities for children and parents. The friendly staff and comfortable rooms promise unforgettable holidays.

Ostria Beach

The hotel breakfast includes a wide range of dishes, ranging from bakery products, cheeses, cold cuts, to eggs, pastries, dairy products, spoon sweets, jams, biscuits etc.
There is a designated part of the breakfast buffet where the authentic “Cretan breakfast” is presented. There are products and dishes of pure Greek and Cretan origin, like the sweet Cretan “myzithra” cheese and the “manouri” cheese, to name but a few. Guests will find fresh bread baked daily at the hotel, traditional Cretan omelet, “ksynochondro” (traditional pasta), Greek yoghurt and milk, homemade jams and spoon sweets. As for dairy produce there is sour milk, Cretan gruyere and “ksynomyzithra” cheese, local “anthotyros” cheese, and feta. There are also olives, olive oil and honey. Traditional Cretan biscuits such as “stafidoto” (with raisins), “kavroumadaki” with sesame, almond biscuits, olive oil cookies, cinnamon cookies as well as various sweets like the Cretan “kambanakia” with honey, the local “myzithra” pie with honey, and the traditional “loukoumades” (honey dumplings), are available daily.


Ostria Beach

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