The Oikoperiigitis hotel is situated in the village of Kerkini, in Serres, just a few hundred meters from the banks of Lake Kerkini, one of the most important wetlands in Europe. The hotel has 12 spacious rooms that can comfortably accommodate both individuals and families with children.
There are fireplaces for cold winter nights and a cafe serving a variety of drinks and snacks.


Breakfast is served in front of the restaurant fireplace, with stunning views of the lake and the mountain. The breads are freshly baked at the local bakery and the eggs are locally produced. There are also cold cuts and cheeses from the region of Serres such as feta, “manouri”, “anthotyro” and white cheese made with buffalo milk. The homemade yoghurt from buffalo milk is rich in proteins. Guests will enjoy sour cherry juice or lemon with honey and “moshomoloha” (apple geranium). Some traditional dishes are “lalaggites” with cheese and “tiganites” (pancakes) with honey or jams. Occasionally, guests are treated to “loukoumades” (honey dumplings). There are also pies with wild greens (nettles, “lapata”, spinach and fennel) or pies with cheese. The handmade bougatsa pie of Serres is baked on the premises. There are also fresh fruits and compotes, boiled and grilled vegetables, local honey and jams as well as handmade “pasteli” bar with honey and tahini. A sweet soup with wheat (“kolyvosmos”) will provide guests with all the energy they need. Beverages include mountain tea, and herbal teas like “trivoli, sage and “flamouri” tea.



Phone:23270 41450


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