George Molfetas

The Museum Hotel “George Molfetas” was created as an alternative proposal to mass tourism. A Cephalonian house of the 1800s was chosen to highlight the cultural identity of Cephalonia. This listed building showcases all the heirlooms that came to the owners’ possession from Cephalonia and even Smyrna. The hotel has been named by the Luxury Travel Guide Awards, best historic hotel of Europe.

George Molfetas

The hotel offers a wide selection of local products of high nutritional value and refined taste. Guests will find strained yoghurt, a platter with seasonal fruits from Cephalonia, a selection of jams prepared by the owner, (orange, lemon, strawberry, apricots, peach and grape), local honey, homemade bread rolls and bread from the local bakery. There is also butter, fresh local milk, cakes, freshly squeezed orange juice from local oranges, coffee or tea, mountain tea combined with sage, spearmint, wild rose, “melissohorto”, Ceylon cinnamon, green tea and “flamouri”. Desserts include walnut pie, mini “bougatsa” pies (with cream), halva, ginger biscuits, chocolate pies and fruit tarts.


George Molfetas

Phone:26710 84630


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