Markezinis Suites

The Markezinis Suites hotel is an old Manor that features five luxury suites. One of the best boutique-hotels of Santorini, it is situated in the traditional village of Messaria. After a complete renovation, this historic building provides luxurious hospitality, ideal for those seeking private, romantic and refined holidays. The suites are characterized by the elegant interior style of the wealthy houses of 19th century Santorini. The hotel offers all modern comforts, an exceptional restaurant and an up-to-date wine bar.

Markezinis Suites

Breakfast is served at the hotel balcony or in guests’ rooms with views of the traditional village of Messaria. The products used in breakfast are mostly local. The a la carte breakfast menu includes beverages like mountain tea and chamomile, Greek yoghurt with fruits or dried nuts, handmade traditional pies, and a variety of Greek cold cuts and cheeses. Specialty dishes offered are Santorini fava beans, “kagiana” omelet with sausages from Santorini, “sfouggato” omelet with fresh potatoes and “dakos” rusks with manouri cheese and capers. Desserts feature “loukoumades” (dumplings with honey and cinnamon), semolina pudding (halva) as well as a wide selection of traditional spoon sweets and biscuits.


Markezinis Suites

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