Marbella Beach

The MarBella Corfu is a 5 star seaside hotel that offers all the amenities for a deluxe stay in Corfu. Guests can relax in one of the 384 sea view rooms and suites and taste local and international dishes in the six restaurants of the hotel. There are also five bars, a spa, a gym, swimming pools for adults and children and various sports activities and water sports.

Marbella Beach

The Greek breakfast buffet starts with milk, yoghurt and honey. There is also “ryzogalo” (rice pudding), bread varieties, freshly cut fruits and fruit juices. Bakery products also include biscuits, cakes, and sesame ring bun (koulouri). There are jams in various flavors, dried fruits and traditional “sykomaida” as well as dried nuts. Eggs are cooked in various ways, including the favourite “strapatsada” (scrambled with tomato). Guests may try the selection of cooked vegetables such as beans, saut?ed mushrooms accompanied by herbs (parsley, thyme and basil) or garlic, tomatoes with cheese and parsley or cheese and basil. There are also cold cuts and Greek cheeses such as feta, “anthotyro” and traditional “manouri”, olives (black and green) and vegetables.


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

"Feta" Cheese
“Salado” οf Corfu
Cow’s Yoghurt
Flower Honey
Apricot Marmalade
Milk pie
Cheese pie
“Tsoureki” (sweet bread)
Wheat rusks
Bread with leaven
Kalamon olives
Mountain Tea (Malotira, Kalokimithia)
Greek Coffee

Marbella Beach

Phone:+30 26610 71183-6


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