Limeni Village

The Limeni Village is a traditional hotel in Mani, built with wood and stone and consisting of 22 tower-houses transformed into rooms and suites. The minimal decoration, typical of Mani, impresses guests without depriving them of any modern amenities. Iron cast or built-in beds and marble or tiled floors promise a pleasant stay, while the stunning sea views are not easily forgotten. What makes the Limeni Village stand out, is not just its location and comfortable rooms, but also its friendly service and professional staff.

Limeni Village

The Limeni Village serves a wide selection of traditional dishes on its breakfast buffet. Guests will find fresh milk, fragrant Greek coffee, teas and chamomile. There is fresh orange juice, homemade jams, flower honey, tahini, yoghurt, fresh butter and cold cuts. Guests may try the fresh omelettes, like the one with “syglino” (pork of Mani). A selection of breads is paired with feta and gruyere from Messinia, yellow cheese, capers, sun dried tomatoes, Kalamata type olives, sesame bread sticks, tomatoes, “syglino” and sausages of Mani. Guests may choose savoury specialties like “dakos” rusk (with tomato, feta, oregano and olive oil), cheese pie, spinach pie, “kagiana” (eggs and tomato omelet), or “travichtes” pies. Desserts include “tiganites” (pancakes), cakes, biscuits, “pasta flora” jam tart, orange or milk pie and “ryzogalo” (rice pudding).


Limeni Village

Phone:27330 51111


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