Knossos Beach

The Knossos Beach Bungalows & Suites is built on a beautiful sandy beach and offers stunning views of the Aegean and endless moments of relaxation to its guests. There are 34 rooms, 62 Bungalows and 39 Suites, some of which with a private swimming pool or outdoor Jacuzzi. The hotel organises cooking lessons, wine tasting, visits to vineyards, traditional villages and breathtaking monasteries.

Knossos Beach

Breakfast is closely connected to the Mediterranean diet, which in turn is based on the Cretan diet. For starters there are freshly baked pies, a selection of rusks, juicy fruits and local delicacies. There is bread with jams, mini pies with wild greens, pies of Sfakia, bread sticks and sesame Thessaloniki (koulouri) bun. The handmade pickles, sun dried tomatoes and olive paste are paired with “dakos” rusk, covered with freshly ground tomato and feta. The selection of cheeses includes gruyere, the local “myzithra” and “anthotyro”. Highly recommended are the omelettes with vegetables from the garden and the “strapatsada” (scrambled eggs with tomato), as well as the baked potatoes with “anthotyro” cheese. Sweet treats offered are “kserotigana” (fritters) of Chania, “loukoumi” (Turkish delight), dairy creams, “ryzogalo” (rice pudding) sprinkled with cinnamon, and yoghurt. Other desserts include the traditional “lychnarakia”, “anevata skaltsounia”, apple pie, semolina pudding (halva), pasteli bar (sesame paste and honey), spoon sweets and thyme honey. The beverage selection features herbal infusions like wild sage, “diktamo” and “karteraki” mix, with therapeutic properties.


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

"Feta" Cheese
Cretan graviera (PDO)
Cow’s Yoghurt
Thyme Honey
Strawberry Marmalade
“Tsoureki” (sweet bread)
“Eptazyma” rusks
Whole wheat bread
Extra virgin olive oil
Dittany (Diktamo, Erondas)
Greek Coffee

Knossos Beach

Phone:28107 61000, 28107 61204


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