Ikaros Village

Located in unspoilt natural surroundings and inspired by traditional architectural methods, the Ikaros Beach emerges through a series of beautiful gardens with breathtaking sea views and views to the swimming pools. The whole setting reminds you of a village, with a discreet touch of luxury. Guests may dine traditionally at the main restaurant, “Olive”, or in one of five specialized restaurants. Alternatively, they may enjoy their favorite cocktail in the three bars of the hotel.

Ikaros Village

Breakfast at the Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa includes 44 local and Greek items. There is fresh orange juice, eggs with “stakovoutyro” butter, “sfouggato” omelet with tomato and zucchini, “sarikopitakia” pies, “apaki” smoked pork and eggs with “syglino” (smoked pork). Guests will also find local fruits, traditional desserts (“kalitsounia”, “anevata”, “kserotigana”), carob honey, six types of olives, four kinds of rusks, tomato or olive jam, “glystrida” and “stamnagathi” greens. There are also four types of handmade bread, baked on the premises, Greek salad, Cretan gruyere, “ksinomyzithra” and “anthotyro” cheeses, sardines, smoked herring, and four kinds of aromatic olive oil. Finally, there is honey, “tahini” (sesame paste), “loukoumi” and “pasteli” (honey and sesame bar) and to conclude, Greek coffee brewed the traditional way.


Ikaros Village

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