The Hagiati Guesthouse is located in the city of Edessa, next to the famous waterfalls. The old building has been renovated and converted into a guesthouse The restoration was carried out with care and respect for tradition, using exclusively stone and wood to maintain the architectural style of the region.


The Guesthouse offers a Greek traditional breakfast cooked by the owner herself, using local, hand-picked products. Some of her specialties are: delicious apple tart, cake with cherries, “tiganites” (pancakes) with “batzo” cheese and honey from cherry flowers, omelet with “batzo” cheese and fresh oregano, yoghurt with cherry and honey syrup, refreshing apple and pomegranate juice and handmade pies, namely cheese pie or leeks pie, spinach pie with herbs from the garden, French toasts soaked in cherry juice and cherries from the garden are some of the delicacies that make up the breakfast of Hagiati. Fresh fruits are used to make real jam, and there is also local honey and fresh cow butter that pairs with fresh bread. Beverages include milk, mountain tea and linden, apple and sour cherry juice, and Greek coffee.



Address:40, Μakedonomahon Str.
Phone:23810 51501


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