The award winning, five star luxury Galaxy Iraklio hotel boasts state of the art facilities and was fully renovated in 2008. The 127 rooms and suites of Galaxy are tastefully decorated and fully equipped. There is a business Centre, conference areas, two restaurants, a modern gym and a hammam.


The rich breakfast buffet features mostly traditional products from local producers. There is a wide variety of breads and local rusks and cookies. The beverage selection includes herbal teas like “malotira” (mountain tea) and “diktamo”. Spreads feature honey varieties, tahini, jams and there are fresh and dried fruits and nuts, as well as juices. The selection of sweets and pies is big: There are pies with greens, pumpkin, “myzithra” cheese, “ryzogalo” (rice pudding), and “moustalevria” (pudding with grape must and flour). Guests may try specialties like “boureki” from Chania, “tzoulamas” from Messara (pie filled with pork or lamb liver, rice, raisins). The dairy selection features butter, yoghurt, and cheeses like “tyromalama”, “tyrozouli”, “ksinomyzithra”. There are also salads, olives and vegetables, namely “stamnagathi” and “papoules” (vegetable eaten row in salads), artichokes and “askolibri” (wild green). Cold cuts include “apaki” and there are also various sausages. Eggs are cooked in various styles, including “sfouggato”” with potatoes, or zucchini, or greens, and poached eggs with wild greens.



Address:67, Dimokratias Αve
Phone:2810 238812


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