The luxury Enodia hotel is located in Vasiliki on the island of Lefkada. The hotel has 70 beds with rooms and suites that are fully equipped to meet the needs of all guests. Excellent facilities and impeccable service aim at providing guests with a comfortable and an enjoyable holiday experience. The Enodia Hotel offers a relaxing environment for couple and families.


Breakfast at the Enodia Hotel includes a wide selection of Greek dishes. Guests will find a variety of breads, various homemade jams, spoon sweets, homemade sweets and thyme honey. There is also peach compote, yoghurt, boiled and fried eggs, omelet, cold cuts, yellow cheese and feta cheese. A selection of pies and salads are prepared daily, fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers are offered, paired with Kalamata olives and fruits of the season. Guests should try the bruschetta with feta cheese and olives, the handmade tarts and the mini cheese pies.
The sweets at the Enodia Hotel are all homemade. Chocolate and vanilla cakes, orange pie, “ravani” (syrupy semolina cake), apple pie, apple tart, pear tart, “loukoumades” (honey dumplings), “ryzogalo” (rice pudding) and semolina pudding (halva) are some of the sweet treats offered. As for beverages there is a selection of coffee, tea and juices.



Phone:26450 31646-7


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