The Enagron is built at an altitude of 500m on the highest and most sacred mountain of Crete, Psiloritis. The hotel combines local hospitality with traditional Cretan cuisine and introduces guests to the local culture, through various activities and through gastronomy. One or two storey buildings form neighborhoods that resemble a traditional village with apartments, studios or three room fully equipped apartments for up to six people.


The buffet style breakfast consists of local products or products grown on the hotel premises.
Beverages include fresh milk from the farm, herbal teas of the region, such as “diktamo”, “malotyra”, marjoram, sage, spearmint, “ladano” and “melisohorto”. There are also various types of tea and coffees. Guests will also find cheeses such as gruyere, feta, “tyrozouli” (local cheese made on the premises), and yoghurt. Seasonal fruits and juices are offered. Breads and bakery items are prepared at the Enagron eco village, as well as pies of Sfakia with “ksynomyzithra” cheese, “loukoumades” (honey dumplings), “tiganites” (pancakes with honey), barley “dakos” (rusks with tomato, olive oil and “myzithra” cheese), fresh bread baked in the wood burning oven and various rusks. There is also a variety of olives, dried figs, raisins and sultanas, walnuts, pure virgin olive oil, thyme honey, and homemade jams. Last but not least, the eggs are cooked in various ways (fried in olive oil or omelet with fresh tomatoes.)



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