Carolina Mare

The Carolina Mare is a comfortable, beach front hotel, ideal for couples and families and offers authentic Greek hospitality. Located on the beautiful and quiet sandy beach next to the popular resort of Malia on the northern coast of Crete, the Carolina Mare is a popular choice for relaxing, all inclusive holidays. Consisting of a main building and bungalows, the hotel offers a variety of types of rooms and features swimming pools and other facilities that can meet the needs of the guests.

Carolina Mare

The Carolina Mare Hotel offers a wide selection of dishes focusing on the Cretan traditional flavors. Breakfast consists of freshly baked wheat and barley bread, flavored with oregano and filled with olives. As for dairy products guests can try the tasty “anthotyro” or “myzithra” cheese, or enjoy a new delicacy, a combination of gruyere that is made with sheep’s milk and Cretan flower honey. The Cretan “dakos” rusks and the “dolmadakia” (stuffed vine leaves) can be the ideal appetiser. The “sfouggato”, an omelet made with tomato and finely cut zucchini is the perfect choice for a solid breakfast that goes perfectly well with Cretan village style sausages or smoked fat free pork, the “apaki”. In conclusion, guests may choose yoghurt with fruits or traditional pies, such as “kalitsounia” (with cheese, honey and “myzithra”) or pie with greens. For those with a sweet tooth there is a selection of spoon sweets, “kserotigana”, cream-filled “galaktoboureko” or Cretan “loukoumades” (dumplings with sesame and honey.)


Carolina Mare

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