The Boheme is a deluxe hotel in the Chora (Town) of Mykonos built in the traditional architectural style of the Cyclades with luxury suites, some of which with outdoor Jacuzzi and Boheme facilities.
With impeccable service and modern, natural style it offers top quality hospitality combined with absolute discretion. Guests may relax in one of the suites with luxury amenities and spacious balconies or verandas. Among other features and personalised services, the Boheme has an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant with a Mediterranean menu and a bar.


The a la carte breakfast is made with fresh products from Mykonos, the Cyclades and mainland Greece. The bread basket includes handmade bread, sesame “koulouri” bun and barley rusks. There are handmade cakes and pies of the day (with feta, leek or onion. Fresh butter is paired with handmade jams and pure honey. The wide variety of Greek cheeses includes “San Michali” from Syros,”manouri”” from Tyrnavos, “feta” from Epirus, “kopanisti” from Mykonos, to name but a few. Cold cuts include the Mykonian “louza” (smoked pork) and traditional sausages. The yoghurt is paired with honey from Chalkidiki, dried nuts, seeds or fresh fruits. The desserts menu includes many treats, including “ryzogalo” (rice pudding), walnut pie, “amygdalota” (almond shortbreads) from Mykonos and halva pie from Syros. Specialty dishes like “kagianas” (scrambled eggs with feta), “fava” beans from Santorini with sausage from Mykonos and Greek salad are recommended. Traditional products include cherry tomatoes from Santorini, Kalamata olives and virgin olive oil from Chalkidiki.


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

"Feta" Cheese
Kopanisti of Cyclades (PDO)
“Syglino” of Crete
Cow’s Yoghurt
Flower Honey
Strawberry Marmalade
Vegetable pie
Butter cookies
Rye rusks
Whole wheat bread
Extra virgin olive oil
Greek Coffee


Phone:22890 23300


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