The Bebis hotel combines a modern architectural style with traditional materials. Wood and stone blend harmoniously with the surroundings and the wild nature of Koutsoupia. Earthy colors, discreet lighting and warmth are some of the hotel’s characteristics. Guests will enjoy their summer holidays, swim in the blue sea and get away from the pressures of daily life. There is also a fireplace in the hotel rooms, ideal for winter holidays.


The Bebis hotel serves Greek breakfast based on local recipes and products of the region, with fresh dishes cooked by the chef. Guests will find fresh bread from the village bakery, homemade jams, honey from local producers, a variety of cakes and sweets, traditional yoghurt and a selection of fruits. Guests should definitely try the traditional sweets and pies based on grandmother’s recipes. There are cheese pies and pies with greens, all made with handmade phyllo dough and pure, fresh ingredients. Desserts include apple pie, fruit pie and sweets with cinnamon and raisins.



Address:Koutsoupia, Ayia Municipality, Larisa
Phone:24940 55041


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