The Axos hotel is located in Platania of Rethymno, 100m from the beach. The recently renovated hotel is suitable for couples and families. It consists of 44 rooms, 16 of which are furnished flats that can accommodate up to four people, and 28 studios for two & three people.


The “Axos” hotel serves local delicacies for breakfast, made with love by the owner herself.
A variety of breads is offered, Cretan rusks and local cookies. The strained yoghurt is paired with homemade jams, organic thyme honey and handmade spoon sweets. Guests may also try the pancakes, or “tiganites”, with brown sugar, cinnamon and thyme honey. The traditional barley rusk “dakos” can be combined with onions, tomato and basil or olive paste. Cheeses like feta, “ksinomyzithra”, gruyere and “manouri” are served with a variety of cold cuts. Specialty dishes include the traditional “grandma’s sfougato”, an omelet made with free range eggs, organic tomatoes and vegetables. The smoked pork (“apaki”) and village style sausage accompany classic fried eggs. “Kolokythokeftedes”, cooked in virgin olive oil, consist of organic zucchinis, fresh oregano and mint. The traditional “chylopites” is pasta with a sauce made with fresh tomato, thyme and oregano, garnished with Cretan “anthotyro” cheese.
There are also fresh fruits, juices, coffee, various herbal teas (chamomile, “dictamo”) and milk. Desserts include walnut pie with honey syrup, orange pie with homemade phyllo, and traditional vanilla “submarine”.



Phone:28310 54472


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