The Astron hotel is situated in Ierapetra, close to the sea, just 100m from the town center. The hotel has 66 rooms and 8 suites. The Astron has been renovated in 2010 and offers upgraded services and modern amenities to business and leisure travellers alike.


Breakfast at the Astron offers a plethora of local fresh products and dishes based on traditional recipes. Guests may start their breakfast with traditional herbal teas like “dictamo”, “malotira”, sage, marjoram, “melisochorto” and verbena. Greek strained yoghurt, local honey, spoon sweets, traditional bread, barley rusk, buns, “kalitsounia” of Ierapetra and “anevata”, fresh local fruits and vegetables, are also offered. There is also “kefalotyri” cheese from Crete, sweet “myzithra” cheese, and a variety of other delicacies. Homemade dishes from the grandmother’s recipes
are the traditional “kavroumades”, traditional “loukoumi”, “moustokouloura” (buns made with grape must) and all kinds of biscuits! Highly recommended is the “sfouggato” omelet with zucchinis and the local traditional pies. Sweet treats include “diples” (traditional fritters) with cinnamon and honey, “tiganites” (pancakes) and “loukoumades” (honey dumplings), “galatopita” (milk pie), cakes, semolina pudding (halva) and “ryzogalo” (rice pudding).



Address:Ouranias Papaioannou 1 & Michail Kothri 56
Phone:28420 25114


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