Astir Odysseus

Astir Odysseus Resort & Spa is a five star hotel located in the region of Tigaki on the island of Kos. The discreet luxury and elegance that characterize the hotel is combined with modern facilities and excellent service. The hotel has two restaurants, a taverna and bars. Many activities are organised daily for the enjoyment of its guests.

Astir Odysseus

The Greek breakfast buffet at the Astir Odysseus offers a variety of breads and bakery items such as “moustokouloura” (cookies with grape must), cakes, honey and jams. Dairies include mastic, vanilla and chocolate creams, “ryzogalo” (rice pudding), milk and sheep’s yoghurt. As for cheeses there is “ladotyri”, “anthotyro”, “manouri”, “kefalograviera”, “kasseri”, “mastelo”, “talagani” and cheese from Metsovo. There is a selection of cold cuts, paired with olives. Savoury dishes include “kagiana” (srambles eggs and tomato), “saganaki” (shallow fried cheese in batter, or spinach pie, traditional “trahanas” soup (with pebble-size pasta) etc. There is also a selection of sweet pies and puddings (orange, milk or walnut pie), semolina pudding (halva). Other desserts include “tiganites” (pancakes with honey), “loukoumades” (honey dumplings), “bougatsa” cream-filled pastry, “lychnarakia” (sweet pies with cheese) “skaltsounia”, “pasteli” (sesame and honey bar) and “mandolato” (nougat). Various herbal teas are served, such as (mountain tea, sage, chamomile, cocktail, “diktamo”, aromatic tea and “karteraki”, as well as traditional Greek coffee.


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

Feta’ Cheese
Ladotyri of Mytilene (PDO)
Cow’s Yoghurt
Thyme Honey
Apricot Marmalade
Fig spoon sweet
Spinach pie with cheese
Olive bread
Whole wheat rusks
Bread with leaven
Extra virgin olive oil
Dittany (Diktamo, Erondas)
Greek Coffee


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