Aigina Greek Nut Company

The companyAIGINA® Nutsis a family business that started its operation in 1952, when Yannis Tzitzis decided to process and standardize the pistachios he produced on his farms. For this reason, he founded the companyAegina ® Nuts, where the production, processing (cleaning, sorting), roasting and standardization of the unique product of Aegina takes place.

The companys facilities (new machinery imported from abroad) are created on privately owned land, close to the farms, so that there is a direct link between production and processing and standardization.

The company was the first in Greece to be licensed to operate, process and packageAegina pistachioand almond. It was the first to start the standardization of the pistachio of Aegina, thus giving added value to the local product. At the same time, due to the good relations and trust he had with the other local growers, he started to buy and process their production, so that a very large part of the quantity ofAegina pistachioproduced passed through his hands every year.

In 1989, Yannis Tzitzisson, Nikos, took over the company and proceeded to its complete modernization, with new machinery, a modern way of organizing production and systematic control of processing. Due to his knowledge and experience, relations with all the producers of Aegina have become even closer and more systematic: there is a constant exchange of information, scientific analysis and transfer of know-how. Cultivation is now based on knowledge and technical training, not just experience. Excellent quality and a unique product continue to be the drivers of his efforts. As a result of all this, as well as the quality of the nutAeginis-Nikos Tzitzis, it was registered as a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) product by the Greek Organization for the Certification of Agricultural Products AGROCERT.

In recent years, the family tradition is continued by the third generation the daughters of Nikos Tzitzis, following in the footsteps of their grandfather and father.

Address: 30 Kapodistriou Str, Aegina

Phone number: 22970 23321



“Greek Breakfast” at Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia”

An event organized by Fraport Greece, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the Thessaloniki Hotels Association, which “travels your senses…”

 In celebration of World Tourism Day, which is observed every year on September 27, Fraport Greece, in collaboration with the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the Thessaloniki Hotels Association, organized a major event at Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia” to showcase and promote the “Greek Breakfast” experience.

 “Greek Breakfast” is an innovative initiative by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, focusing on connecting the country’s rich gastronomic tradition, along with the hotel guests’ exquisite experience.

Its purpose is to express the HCH’s vision to invest in sustainable development by supporting the local producers and products that highlight the culinary identity of each Greek destination.

During the event held at the fully renovated “Makedonia” airport, operated by Fraport Greece, more than 1,500 departing passengers had the opportunity to taste traditional products from a variety of local gastronomy experiences, emphasizing the value and uniqueness of “Greek Breakfast” once again, as it “took their senses on a journey.”

 During the event, Mr. Giorgos Vilos, Executive Director of Commercial & Business Development, Fraport Greece, stated, “With great pleasure, we celebrated World Tourism Day today, together with the passengers of ‘Makedonia’ airport, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and the Thessaloniki Hotels Association. The primary focus of the event was the award-winning local gastronomy as experienced by the city’s visitors through ‘Greek Breakfast.”

 Mr. Alexandros Vasilikos, President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, added, “We wholeheartedly support this effort, which brings Greek products to the table of every traveler. The innovative ‘Greek Breakfast’ program was launched in 2010 by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and has since, enjoyed great success, enriching and increasing participation, continuously. In the past, tourism success was measured in terms of visitor numbers and revenue. Today, the success and dynamics of the tourism product are measured by its influence on the local community and its multiplying benefits to industries beyond tourism. This highlights the inseparable connection between culture, history, gastronomy, as well as sectors such as innovation and industry, all of which constitute the social fabric of our country. Specifically, the ‘Greek Breakfast’ program is based on significant efforts to promote the quality primary sector of the country in various regions, with 43 local agreements signed between producers and hoteliers, involving more than 1,400 certified hotels as the only product connecting the primary sector with the hotel and tourism industry. ‘Greek Breakfast’ serves as a solid foundation upon which we will continue to build to strengthen our gastronomic identity, which is a repository and guardian of the country’s culture and tradition.”

Finally, Mr. Andreas Mandrinos, President of the Thessaloniki Hotels Association, noted, “The ‘Greek Breakfast’ program created and operated by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels since the beginning of the previous decade is a highly successful initiative embraced by both hotel businesses and their guests, Greeks and foreigners alike. ‘Greek Breakfast’ embodies the hospitality of our country while simultaneously supporting local products and producers. With great pleasure, our Association jointly organized today, on World Tourism Day, this event with Fraport Greece and the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, at ‘Makedonia’ airport. The aim is for travelers to return to their homeland, holding the tastes of Makedonia and Thessaloniki gastronomy as their final memory.”


Loumidis Coffee Shops

Since 1920 the brand gains the heart of everyone. Loumidis Family, with firm values of respect for the product and the customer, offers the finest varieties of freshly ground coffee, continuing a 100-year tradition with taste and know-how. Today, the third generation of  Loumidis Family, based on the high recognition and emotional value of the history of Greek business, maintains the tradition while evolving and innovating, offering authentic experiences through the world of coffee. Both in their store and wholesale network offer fine varieties and unique blends of freshly ground coffee roasted daily by their specialized roasters, as well as a rich variety of traditional dishes from Greek producers. At Loumidi Coffee Shops, the aim is to perpetuate theGreek House of Coffeewith respect to the tradition and values that have been the basis of a truly unchanging Greek Family Business.

Address: Aiolou 106, Omonoia

Phone number: +30 210 3214426

Website :