Koulourakia (Cookies)

Koulourakia are an exceptional and almost indivisible pair of the traditional Greek coffee, but also a treat that be found in every household.
It is noteworthy that the first mention about cookies comes from the region of Persia during 7th century AD. According to the reference, the creation of cookies was the outcome of tests about oven’s temperature. Then cookies spread all over Europe through trade and human migration, and from there to the rest of the world!
There are many versions of cookies all over the planet, since each country has its own shortbread to dive into for coffee, eat as a dessert or as a snack.
In Greece, cookies are especially connected with the period of Easter cookies. Easter cookies are baked just a few days before Easter, usually on Thursday, They are crunchy, with a buttery taste, while they melt in the mouth. The most popular and important ingredients for cookies are eggs and fruits, but not only! Orange and lemon honey, cinnamon, almond, vanilla, tahini, wine, beer, ouzo and anise, cocoa are ingredients that flavor cookies. It is also worth mentioning mustokouloura that are made during autumn by grape must.
A Greek coffee accompanied with a cookie on a small plate, is an ideal pleasure at the beginning of the day!