Saint Fanourios pie is a fasting pie made in memory of August 27th.
According to tradition, fanouropita is made with seven or nine ingredients. These numbers symbolize the mysteries of the church, the days of creation, and the angels’ battalions. Seven or nine ingredients seem to further enhance the strength of the pie. According to popular tradition, Agios Fanourios is a great finder of lost objects. It is precisely this attribute that has created the peculiar worship practice during the day of celebration. Fanouroptia, after it is being blessed by the priest, it is shared to those who are present at the church.
The connection of the Saint to the lost objects is quite popular and comes from the paretymological alliteration of his name with the verb fanerono which means reveals in Greek. It is the Saint who reveals lost animals or things and good fortune. That is why in the Christian icons is depicted holding a candle in his hand, while in the faith of the people he has an oracle. The worship of Saint Fanourios appears to have originated in Rhodes, where, according to tradition, his icon was found when they excavated into the ruins of an old temple outside the city walls. His attire referred to a military saint. His worship was later spread to the nearby islands and mainly to Crete, where there are now three major monasteries dedicated to him and several Christian temples.
The offerings of bread and pastries to Saint Fanourios reveal the echoes of Modern Greek funeral customs, since the tribute to Saint is related to the posthumous fate of his relatives.
The fanouropita pie is usually small and round and is made from pure flour, sugar, cinnamon, oil and after all these ingredients have been mixed and kneaded, they are placed into a round shape and the pie is baked at a moderate temperature in the oven. It is a light pastry that can be part of a healthy and nutritious breakfast.