For the almond paste:

500 grams unsalted almonds without the peel
250 gr sugar
2-3 drops bitter almond flavor (in large supermarkets on confectionery shelves)
Minimum water or flower-water (in large supermarkets on confectionery shelves), if needed
Corn flour for sprinkling

For the butter cream:

250-300 g egg whites (from 10 eggs)
100 gr powdered sugar
150 gr fresh butter
50 gr margarine
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (in large supermarkets on pastry racks)

For the decoration:

1 pack almonds
Fine sugar


For the almond paste: Beat the almonds with sugar and bitter almond to the blender until they become a homogeneous mass. If necessary, add little water or waterless to facilitate shuffling. Open the paste onto a 40 x 20 cm layer -1 cm thick, sprinkling with a high volume or corn flour.
For the butter cream: Beat in the mixer at low speed with half the sugar until they become tight meringue and keep them aside. Beat butter in the mixer with margarine with the rest of the sugar and vanilla until they whiten and soften. Add the meringue and mix lightly with a spatula. Place the cream in a pastry bag. Cut with a sharp pointed drenched knife (or with the pizza knife) the open sheet in strips 5 cm wide. Spread on each butter cream and close by forming a roll.


Cut into 4-5 cm long rolls and sprinkle with almond syrup and powdered sugar. You can replace the almond paste with ready-made marzipan that you can find in confectionery stores.