For the filling

2 cups fresh mizithra cheese
1 cup milk
4 gr rice flour
75 gr cow’s butter
2 teaspoon cow’s butter for spreads sheets and pan
½ teaspoon grated mastic
1 cup sugar
8 sheets phyllo dough

For powdering
¼ cup granulated sugar with cinnamon powder

For the syrup
13/4 cup granulated sugar
11/3 cup water
1½tablespoon glucose syrup
1 cinnamon stick


Start with the syrup by boiling in a saucepan the water, sugar and cinnamon stick to dissolve, then adding glucose syrup. Continue boiling until tied slightly. Beat the mizithra cheese, mastic and sugar in a mixer until fluffy. Simultaneously heat the milk and add the rice flour dissolved in a little water. Stir the milk continuously until it boils and add the butter while stirring until it is homogenized without thickening. Stir continuously until the milk up to a boil and add the butter continuing stirring until it is homogenized without thickening too much.
Add to bowl with the fluffy mizithra cheese the milk and stirring until it is homogenized and fluffy. Taking a pastry sheet and grease half along with the brush. Fold it from the narrow side to let the dry side fall over the buttered.
Take a sheet of phyllo dough and butter the half. Fold it from the narrow side to let the dry side fall over the buttered.
Place 3 tablespoons of cheese on the top, close the filling, turn the side sheets and fold the patch, but on each turn, butter the sheet.


Place in well buttered baking pan and spray lightly the sheets with little water. Bake at 1800C, in medium oven rank, for 50-60 ́. Five minutes before finishing, remove the pan, do a quick spread make a quick spread the surface of mizithromboureko with butter and put in the oven for 5 ‘ and then remove it. Add the cold syrup to the warm mizithromboureko.