Xenion Toy G.merantza

The “Xenion” is a large hospitality house that consists of ten apartments (with one or two rooms). It is situated in a majestic location at the foot of Stroggoula, in the famous Tzoumerka.
It is built by the renowned stone masons of the region next to the forest. The “Xenion” has a spacious reception area, a large lounge with the main fireplace, monastery style dining room for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Xenion Toy G.merantza

The Greek breakfast starts with a traditional sour “trahanas” (traditional pasta), “myrmilonia” with sweet red pepper, sweet “bazina” with honey, “tiganites” (pancakes) and the classic pie of Tzoumerka, “zymaropita”. Fresh bread is paired with local honey, homemade jams, goat and sheep’s butter or cow butter. Cheeses from the wider region include feta and gruyere, “anthotyro”, goat’s cheese and “metsovone”. Fresh village eggs can be served “tsaklanista” with butter, and there are also smoked cold cuts or smoked trout produced by the owners. Delicious local yoghurt is accompanied by a selection of dried fruits and fruit salads. There are all types of coffee as well as the famous mountain tea from Stroggoula and Kakarditsa, as well as herbal teas (sage, marjoram, nettle). There is freshly squeezed orange juice. For dessert there are various cakes, apple pie with butter and cinnamon, lemon pie, home made “pasta flora” jam tart, semolina pudding (halva) with spoon sweets and milk pie.


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

Feta’ Cheese
Goat cheese of Metsovo
Baked ham
Cow’s Yoghurt
Fir Honey
Fig Marmalade
Milk pie of Epirus
Flour pie of Zagoria
Olive bread
Whole wheat rusks
Starenio (White bread)
Extra virgin olive oil
Mountain Tea (Malotira, Kalokimithia)
Greek Coffee

Xenion Toy G.merantza

Phone:26590 62350


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