Volissos Holiday Homes

The Volissos Holiday Homes-Boutique Hotel is a newly constructed complex on northwestern Chios comprising 14 self-catering furnished flats. Residences have their own kitchen and big veranda with panoramic views of the sea. The complex is built in verdant surroundings just a stone’s throw from the Lefkathia beach. Ideal for couples, families or large groups.

Volissos Holiday Homes

Guests at the Volissos Holiday Homes will enjoy homemade Greek delicacies, local flavors, goodies from the vegetable gardens. The handmade pies, tarts and all kinds of Greek dishes compose a variety of sweet and savory flavors: Cheese pie with “anthotyro” cheese, “malathropita” with finocchio and greens from the garden or small pies with salmon and finocchio, pie with zucchini, cheeses and mint are but a few examples. Sweet dishes include milk pie, “tiganites” (Greek pancakes), semolina pudding (halva) with mastic, “ryzogalo” (rice pudding), cookies with olive oil and orange, chocolate cake variations and orange pie with phyllo or cold lemon tart with walnut. There are also handmade jams, spoon sweets and village style bread. Dairies include local milk with bergamot and honey, a variety of cheeses, like “mastelo”, “anthotyro”, gruyere from Chios and many more. The local yoghurt is recommended with traditional toppings. The fresh eggs can be served as “strapatsada” scrambled with tomato, feta and village style sausage. Beverages include fresh juices, mountain tea, sage, and Greek coffee with mastic flavor.


Volissos Holiday Homes

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