Villa Belles

The Villa Belles Hotel is situated in Serres, at the foot of Belles Mountain and overlooks Lake Kerkini. The hotel has 15 rooms on the first floor. The southern rooms offer views of the lake while the eastern and western are overlooking the mountain. On the second floor there are 14 rooms, nine of which are lofts. The hotel is ideal for religious tourism, bird watching, agrotourism, alternative tourism, activities that have to do with the lake and the mountain.

Villa Belles

The Greek breakfast starts with Greek coffee and traditional bread. Buffalo butter from the region is also served, paired with handmade jams from the hotel’s fruits. There are also traditional dishes from Pontus, such as “tolamas”, a kind of dough-pie filled with local olive oil and feta cheese. Pies with wild greens are a daily staple at the buffet. Due to the climate all kinds of herbs and greens are handpicked every day. Finally, special reference should be made to the red sage which is known for its beneficial properties and is a very popular beverage in the region.


Villa Belles

Address:Akriothori Serres
Phone:23230 71200


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