Varos Village Lemnos I

The Varos Village Traditional Hotel is situated in the traditional settlement of the village of Varos, in the center of Lemnos island. The hotel boasts the largest swimming pool on the island, for children and adults, a pool bar-restaurant, the “Veranda” restaurant and the beach club “Ammos” in the organized sandy beach of the hotel in Kotsina.

Varos Village Lemnos I

The Varos Village Traditional Hotel offers breakfast with unique local products and authentic recipes of Lemnos. There is fresh bread and rusks, homemade pies with “kalathaki” cheese or greens, omelettes with village eggs and vegetables from the hotel gardens or “sfouggato” omelet with zucchini. Another specialty is baked tomatoes gratinated with “melihloro” cheese. There are also various cheeses from Lemnos, thyme honey from Lemnos, homemade jams and local spoon sweets, sheep’s yoghurt, fresh fruits, fruit salads, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers from the hotel farm. Furthermore, there is a variety of cold cuts, cereals, herbal infusions, fresh orange juice, filter coffee and traditionally brewed Greek coffee. Desserts include “bougatsa” pie with custard cream or sweet pumpkin pie and handmade cookies.


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

"Feta" Cheese
Melichloro of Lemnos
Village style sausages
Sheep’s Yoghurt
Thyme Honey
Orange Marmalade
Quince spoon sweet
Spinach pie with cheese
Orange cookies
Wheat rusks
Village style white bread
Extra virgin olive oil
Greek Coffee

Varos Village Lemnos I

Address:Varos, Lemnos
Phone:22540 31728, 210 7251038


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