The recently renovated 3 star Triton Hotel has 45 rooms and is open all year round. It is centrally located in the city of Kos, at a beautiful spot in front of the sea and next to the Metropolis Park. It features a reception area, bar-caf?, a restaurant and wireless internet. The hotel rooms have all the modern amenities visitors would come to expect.


Breakfast at the Triton hotel includes many breads and bakery products, some baked in a traditional oven. Traditional products found at the breakfast table are the “krasotyri” cheese, a product of Kos, the traditional “tomataki” (small tomato) sweet, honey from local producers, tahini, Greek raisins, olives and extra virgin olive oil of Kos. Guests may try the traditional sweet recipe of “mageria”, the local halva and also “varvara” (a mixture of seeds, dried nuts and fruits sprinkled with cinnamon), which resembles breakfast cereals. “Ryzogalo” (rice pudding) from Greek milk is also served. Guests may also try the homemade cake, the “pasta flora” jam tart, the “labropites” (traditional cheese pies) and many more delicacies. Teas are brewed with herbs from the garden such as the “sapsycho” with mint. There is also “kanelada” drink (made with cinnamon) and sometimes “soumada” (a bitter almond drink).


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

"Feta" Cheese
Possias of Kos (Krasotyri)
Strained Yoghurt
Thyme Honey
Fig Marmalade
"Ryzogalo" (Rice pudding)
Pie with myzithra cheese
Raisin bread
“Eptazyma” rusks
Bread with leaven
Olive Οil
Alisfakia (Sage)
Greek Coffee


Address:Vassileos Georgiou Β'
Phone:22420 20040


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