Built entirely with local stone, the “Trapela” is a new traditional hotel, located at the entrance to the picturesque town of Ares, Areopolis. The hotel features tastefully decorated rooms, which maintain a pleasant air of old time charm and discreet luxury. Vintage and contemporary elements blend in a unique way in order to make the guests’ stay comfortable, offering moments of relaxation and tranquility.


The buffet style breakfast at the Trapelas Hotel includes Greek flavors, mostly from Mani, made with fresh products produced by the owners or small local producers. Apart from Greek coffee there is mountain tea, sage, chamomile, verbena, various local herbal teas and freshly squeezed orange juice, tangerine and lemon. There is fresh bread, “halos” (rusk) of Mani, handmade cookies, “vrahakia” and bread with raisins, “tiganides” (local fritters), bread with olives and “travihtes” (traditional pies). Guests will also find cheese pies, zucchini pies or spinach pies with ingredients from the garden, all cooked with local extra virgin olive oil. There are also homemade jams and spoon sweets, as well as fresh flower honey. The sweet corner includes sweet pies like milk pie, apple pie, various cakes, semolina pudding (halva), “ryzogalo” (rice pudding flavored with lemon) and “galohylopites” flavored with mastic. Dairies include milk and yoghurt, Greek cheeses (feta, “kasseri”, “kefalograviera”). Guests may try cold cuts and local eggs, boiled or fried, omelet (with “siglino” pork or asparagus) and “kagianas” (eggs and tomato). Concluding, fresh fruits or fruit salads complement the traditional buffet of the hotel.



Phone:27330 52690


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