Kapetaniana Traditional Houses

Situated in the historic village of Kapetaniana, perched on the rocky slopes of the mountain range of Asterousia, the Thalori hotel combines authentic Cretan hospitality with a variety of mountain and sea activities. The Thalori consists of 20 traditional houses, each with its own distinctive personality. The houses are an integral part of the village, maintaining their Cretan architecture and combining traditional aesthetics with modern comfort. Guests may enjoy traditional food and take part in suggested activities.

Kapetaniana Traditional Houses

Tradition and local products together with grandmother’s recipes make the perfect combination of flavors for an exceptional breakfast. Guests will start their day with a hearty Cretan breakfast that includes fresh bread that can be accompanied by fragrant honey, homemade jams and fresh butter from sheep and goat’s milk. Recommended are the hot “tiganites” (pancakes), the fresh milk, the local cheeses, the yoghurt with fruits or the traditional pies with greens from the village. All these go perfectly well with fruit salads and fresh juices. The ingredients are sourced from the hotel’s vegetable garden as well as from small, local producers of Asterousia.


Kapetaniana Traditional Houses

Address:Kapetaniana, Kofina Municipality, Heraklion
Phone:28930 41762


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