Thalassa Beach Resort

The Thalassa Beach Resort and Spa in Ayia Marina of Chania offers “romantic” services exclusively for couples, like treatments for two at the Thalassa spa, refined dining with seafront options, selected daily activities and evening entertainment. It boasts luxurious rooms and many facilities for carefree holidays for two, like relaxation under the sun around the pool or the beach. The hotel offers Greek cooking lessons and Greek folk dancing seminars.

Thalassa Beach Resort

The rich breakfast buffet at the Elaion restaurant includes a wide variety of Cretan and Greek dishes in general. Breakfast starts with various bakery products like fresh bread, biscuits and cakes. Healthy diet fans will find plenty of fresh and dried fruits, natural juices, fruit salads and vegetables. Dairy Cretan products such as “anthotyro” and “myzithra” cheeses and yoghurt are also served, as well as cheeses from other parts of Greece like “manouri” and “feta”, paired with eggs and cold cuts such as “apaki”. Olive oil from Crete, olives and olive paste are basic staples. Traditional pies and sweets such as pies from Sfakia, “kalitsounia” with greens or myzithra and “lychnarakia”, “ryzogalo” (rice pudding) and semolina pudding (halva) are offered. Spreads include jams, honey, tahini and fresh butter. One should also try traditional drinks like “soumada” (bitter almonds), “vissinada” (sour cherries) and herbal infusions such as chamomile and “malotira” (mountain tea), handmade “moustokouloura” (cookies with grape must) and homemade orange marmalade.


The hotel's Greek breakfast includes among others:

"Feta" Cheese
Cretan graviera (PDO)
Smoked pork
Sheep’s Yoghurt
Thyme Honey
Sour cherry Marmalade
“Bougatsa” of Chania
Myzithra pies
“Tsoureki” (sweet bread)
Barley rusks ("Krithina" rusks)
Village style brown bread
Green olives
Mountain Tea (Malotira, Kalokimithia)
Greek Coffee

Thalassa Beach Resort

Address:249, Αgias Μarinas Str.
Phone:28210 60660


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