Stratos Vassilikos

A completely renovated hotel, STRATOS VASSILIKOS offers an alternative proposal to business travellers who want to enjoy a warm and cosy, yet functional environment, suitable for relaxation, after a hard day’s work. The exterior facade is minimal with elements from the Italian Renaissance, the new reception lounge is fitted with special lighting, whilst the reception areas resemble an impressive garden of colours due to their unique floral patterns. Minimalist touches everywhere make for a postmodern and innovative setting.

Stratos Vassilikos

The traditional Greek breakfast features delicacies from all over Greece. Fresh bread is paired with Greek honey, jams or tahini for extra energy. Recommended is the “tomatokagiana” (scrambled eggs with tomatoes and feta, sausage from Mykonos or bacon from Crete), the cheese pie or the cream-filled “bougatsa”. Various salads are served, such as pasta with carrot, lentils (with herbs and Florina peppers), black eyed beans with celery, “dakos” rusk with “ksinomyzithra” cheese from Crete or “trahana” (traditional pasta with feta and croutons). A light choice is the tasty yoghurt from Thessaloniki, served plain, with honey or handmade grape spoon sweet. Desserts include homemade semolina pudding (halva), orange pie and walnut pie. A sip of the local liqueur Tendoura of Patras, will complete the gastronomic feast!


Stratos Vassilikos

Address:114, Μihalakopoulou Str.


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